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No es oro todo lo que reluce.

Dear all,

Almost five  years ago I stopped writing a blog. This did not mean that I stopped writing. Following from my last post on September 22, 2013, clearly a lot happened. Ive given some thought recently to whether to continue this blog which so far only consists of a 13-17 year-old Teisi' s thoughts which obviously changed a lot since studying behavioural sciences at university, living in several countries over the years and having dozens and dozens of  thought-provoking conversations.

However, the main reason Im going to continue on this platform is the type of topics I am going to touch upon. It is not intended to be a professional blog. This will come, but not yet and not here. I need a platform where I can share some of my most random personal experiences and thoughts to friends and family without sending each and every one of them an essay. So here I go. Skipping the most fulfilling and eventful four years of my life to tell you about my life and opinions of Spain where I am currently based. Very informally. Not to be taken too seriously as most things in life shouldn't (casually dropping wisdom to you right there) 

Reading over a couple of the posts, however, I decided that it does not do any harm keeping them here, as they do reflect how I developed during the years and show glimpses of what I started to explore and articulate more thoroughly over the years. However, if anyone does want to entertain themselves then please be informed that I OBVIOUSLY would change a lot of the posts now. Articulation of certain thoughts was clearly lacking, as was knowledge and wisdom.  I also tended to share a lot of personal details about the most meaningless incidences and wrote creepy short-stories in broken English. It is almost another Teisi that youll be introduced to if you do want keep reading it.

Most important updates on the Spanish Stereotypes. In the order of importance.

7 important updates on the Spanish Stereotypes. In the order of importance.

1)   Spaniards eat late? Yes and no.

It took me a couple of weeks to come to wrap my head around this curious phenomena. At first it took several painful starvation-filled hours everyday to synchronize my meals with my colleagues. Slowly I came to a realization that Spaniards have not been subjected to a weird habitat-dependent selection. I had been oblivious to a fact that yes, Spaniards have conventional meals at unconventional hours, however they have extra meals throughout the day. I have taken the liberty, after a very careful consideration of alternatives, to formally call them the following: “the hobbit second breakfast” and “pre-dinner”.  Everyone has breakfast at a conventional time, but everyone also has the most woooonderful hobbit breakfast a few hours later. And although I insist on calling the second unconventional meal a pre-dinner I must inform you that this has not been well-received and hence the term remains highly controversial. Nevertheless as the term pre-dinner captures the phenomenon better, I insist on calling it pre-dinner. It is pretty much dinner, just smaller (as they have a second dinner later) and consists of unconventional dinner foods, such as cookies or a sandwich. Yet as its filling enough it should be called dinner. Pre-dinner, as that’s what it is!!
To put it short, the Spaniards just eat very often, which also means late. Yet saying that they eat late is misleading as they eat aaaaalll the timeee.

Also fun fact: They also eat strange stuff. Who puts a piece of potato(which they deceitfully call the spanish omelette) between two pieces of bread and gives a fancy name "tapa" for it? Ironically Tapa means Kill in Estonian. Or who heats up grapes and hides them between pieces of ham and breadcrumbs. On their defence, gazpacho is lovely.  

2)   It doesn’t get cold in Spain.

Biggest lie ever. Yes, it does. And the heating is……..inadequate.. to put it politely. And my room smells of gas. It is a constant dilemma: gas chamber vs. ice chamber.
And they have no concept of fire safety (highly malfunctioning gas heaters) nor any other safety (at construction works they randomly throw bricks out of the windows when people are walking by, not kidding). Do I exaggerate? Yes. A lot? No.

3)  High on Expressed Emotionality(not to be confused to the concept of Expressed Emotion, mainly known for its implications for schizophrenia).

One of the most confusing ones.  The second one being my curiously confused state of mind when it finally rains after months.

Let me put it this way- walking through the metro is like being in a telenovela. Fighting and kissing like there is no tomorrow. Did this couple just break up? Yes….. oh wait… no, they are now confusing the metro with their bedroom. What I first considered a “mistake” in understanding one’s location is clearly a common phenomena. 

The direction of the passion can fluctuate from one extreme to another very very…very quickly. And whilst I’ve realized that if well-directed, this is the source of the most beaaaautiful forms of art, music, dance and poetry; outside these contexts it can be a whirlwind.

The way emotions are expressed also means that even in formal workplace contexts people can love you and hate you almost simultaneously although I’m yet to determine how coordinated the two can be.

4)   Physical proximity and flirting.

Indeed- there are no limits to how close a person can come. No limits related to age, gender nor how well you know the person. Although this was immensely strange in the first weeks, I adapted to it promptly. However, this also means that my knowledge from “The Game” by Neil Strauss is absolutely useless in this environment. Physical proximity, casual touching, the typical manner in which a flirty conversation is initiated, does not mean flirting in most situations. However, with the help of some very interesting conversations, observations and some very awkward displays of ignorance on my behalf, I have finally decrypted the code. When the Spaniards flirt, they do it in a manner which initially seems very subtle. For instance, the normal hello and goodbye kisses are just done in a slower manner, closer to your mouth. Close proximity talking with some weird-ass eye contact is also involved. Maybe its just weird when you're not interested, dunno.  

If I had only known all the aspects of points 3 and 4 just a tiny bit earlier..

5)   Openness and gossip.

They are so open. Its insane and weirdly charming at the same time. See point 3 for Expressed Emotionality. Topics that I touch upon after Ive known the person for maybe a few months are asked about straight-forwardly within the first week. In all of my first lessons, from ages 8-17, somebody asked about my relationship status. See below, I think it might have been a source for gossip.

I've also encountered several that enjoy gossiping and hence evaluating. They are fascinated by the weirdest gossip, whether it’s the fact that a dog walker has a lover or whether someones “ hello” is too enthusiastic. Kinda ironic considering the point on Expressed Emotionality. Gossip-focused teaching also helps in certain subjects- kids love listening about the lovers of different kings and queens.
Gossiping, a daily captivating source for observations. 

6)   Names.

Yes. Everyone is called Jorge or Maria. Im going to keep my speculations on the origin of this phenomena for myself at the moment due to potential audience for this post. However, what has excited me the most is of course “Jesus”. I think I would never be able to say “Im dating Jesus. Jesus is buying me a drink” to anyone without laughing with tears and suffocating in the process. High expectations given to a lot of pals here. Yet I must say, all the Jesuses that I've encountered always have the answers to everything. Fun.

7)   Politics.

This is “the least” important point because there is not much room for discussion. At least not in Madrid. I’m usually not even giving any judgement to their viewpoints, mainly because I’m still not equipped with enough background knowledge.

Not implying there is not much point to discussing the Spanish politics, just saying that you’ll get bored after a few encounters as whoever you talk to has the same viewpoint so it will eventually feel like you’re talking to the same person over and over again. I’ve had one encounter that was different, but the person turned out to also deny the holocaust and be a firm Franco supporter. A curious encounter on its own, but with fixed viewpoints the discussion will quickly turn to dead ends.

Hasta luego mis amigos, 


(or perhaps see you in 5 years?) 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Technology and the young generation tragedies of the day.

Today, I would like to start off my blog by expressing how dependent we are on technology. It may seem obvious from the amount of internet we use on a daily basis, whether for work, gaming, social purposes. If you happen to have the privilege of reading my blog, you must know what I'm talking about. Paper-books seem more expensive as newer ipads and kindles come out every few months', essays are all written on the computer and we seem to "lose contact with friends" when we don't have access to the magical facebook or whatsapp. Even though I've always considered myself to be the person who puts away the phone when going out with friends or clubbing, I now understand how impossible it can be.(especially if your silent phone is not on vibrating and that irritates everyone :D :D mwahahah im so mean) While my lap-top had a breakdown, school computer doesnt have access to skype and my iphone home button doesn't work, I can finally value how much fun it is to walk from one class to another without putting your headphones on.You can listen to other's conversations in a foreign language and have fun with pretending to not to understand anything.(although as my russian and spanish keep mixing themselves up, it's more confusing than I was hoping at the first place).
 I can now value what it's like to leave everything home and miss the trastic events that happen on facebook.(my meanest sarcasm at its best :D ) It's actually pretty fun. Without facebook and constant texting you have more to talk to people.  Think about it. How often do you talk to people and already know that they have done this or that or other. That constitutes into making the most boring lifestyle. Ofcourse it is unavoidable to use social network nowadays, especially when your family is all around the world. It's a great way to keep in touch, see the pretty holiday photos and share some "fun facts of the day". Unless the fun fact is weather and it keeps spreading all over facebook. I will keep my fun fact of the day as "sunny weather, going for a run, doing bits and pieces of maths  and grabbing a nice strong coffee from somewhere". wuhuuuuuuuu :D If I would post it on facebook all the time, then my cup of coffee wouldnt look so nice at instagram anymore. The tragedy of my new life.... which social network to use.... facebook is useless as most of the photos I post myself I dont care about and most people I have the social obligation to accept as friends, I cant recognise or say hi to... instagram is actually quite cute as I can use it as a substitute for photoshop for the next few weeks ooooor I can actually just skype with everyone from my phone and quit the edited life of facebook. It's great to check my facebook to see what's up with my friends and relatives who are travelling, working, studying all around the world or write with people who I see every few months. Otherwise there is just so little I care about social networks now. Logging in and not saying "bye" to someone or answer in 2 minutes which is apparently too long since "he has seen that you have seen that he has seen that you have seen his message and not answered which makes you a "horrrible friend as you didnt comfort me fast enough when my goldfish died" ". 

I've been doing some intense googling these days and I came across different "memory biases" Illusary correlation being interesting, as seeing a reason behind two consequences when it actually doesnt exist or "childhood amnesia" where adults cant recall episodes from their very early childhood. Firstly I found it funny how wikipedia had listed and named those biases, as most of them are quite natural phenomena's. Normally people don't remember their childhood and it is very easy to be a "victim" of the illusory correlation. On the other hand, there were some really cool points. Something that was listed as a "google effect" which meant that if something can be easily found on google, we are least likely to remember it. This one study doesnt make it untrue, as I'm constantly gooling lap-tops and dont remember which site has the best prices, but it's certainly not simply a "google effect". If I don't have to remember facts, what do I as a crazy lazy human-animal do? I gooooogle it. Do I remember less facts due that? Most likely, but I can deduct that I'm healthy human beast and cant be bothered to remember and believe in "fun science facts: we unconciously eat 3 spiders in our life time as they crawl into your mouth during night" So if I actually want to learn about the central-american spiders(which I dont. after having spider webs in my room in Costa Rica and a web starting to form next to my window...agaaaain) I google them and then prefer not to read on. Which means I'm not gonna process the information as I was just "looking it up and not wanting to reallllly know about in which continent they live on, making sure they aren't poisonous." The moral of my new English life blog-post? 

I don't have my photos to finish the Costa Rica blog with beautiful nature photos and I also need to go out and enjoy the sun until it's still there and I therefore can't be bothered to end my though in a logical conclusion like way!!!! Oh, and probably check over my extended essay, cause all people do at a boarding school is talk about school and deadlines, especially if you have too much time during breaaaaaks, woopwooooop. :) 

Enjoy your Sunday mis amigas :))))) 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Backyards and Religion in Costa Rica

I first encountered some mysterious gardens in Heredia. It was surprising to see cows and horses in the gardens of houses which are situated in the city centre. The first time I saw a man riding a horse in his garden left me speechless. It was my second week in Costa Rica and route I took to get to my project was always the same. How is it possible that I’ve never noticed a horse in that one garden!?
It soon came out that I’ve been walking around completely blindfolded. Quite many households seemed to have animals that I wasn't used to seeing. Apart from the fact that almost all households have a few dogs, horses, cows, chickens are also quite common. If not as much in Barrio Jesus, then in Tamarindo it is very common to have a rooster waking you up. I’ve now been running in the mornings and I’ve seen so many chickens and roosters that I’ve stopped taking photos.  The same story about horses. Every other household has a few horses and its completely normal to see people riding horses on the beach. Although Tamarindo is extremely touristy, it’s mainly the locals who are riding horses. (followed by tourists taking photos, just like me the first 3 times)
Apart from animals, in a Tico family, you will also probably find a lot of religious symbolism. Crosses, photos of Jesus, prayers, bible – all of them are very noticeable for a foreign atheist. Apart from locals going to church every Sunday, they also hit a cross when they pass a church. When I was working in the kindergarden, children were taught to pray before eating and I was a bit confused what to do, because I was supposed to be a good example to the children and also teach them about religious values. However, luckily I was never assigned a group alone, so the other teacher said the prayer while I was quietly looking out of the window or finding myself something else useful to do. Otherwise people rarely ask you about your religion. My teacher in San Jose asked and after my answer “ soy agnostica” talked about the happiness that the church brings and that I will one day discover it as well. From that day on I’ve tried to ignore religion as a topic to talk about. However one of my teacher in Tamarindo told us about superstitions in Costa Rica and emphasised how he doesn't believe in most of the things, because god keeps him safe. I was a bit surprised how he doesn’t believe in healings and foretelling, but is completely fine with believing in god. The logic was also absent in “ god protecting him from demons and witches who he doesn't believe in?”

I was also once told that I will burn in hell for not believing in god and I was felt sorry for, because even though I’m a good person, god doesn't like that I don't go to church. Despite that, most people don't talk about religion. Even though I had this incident when I was told how I will be punished for not having religious parents (and therefore not raised with religion, which I’m pleased with), I still find it interesting to observe as an “outsider” 

Photos of Gardens & Other interesting parts of Costa Rican life ( photos done with my camera): 

 A common visitor... In gardens.... rooms.... 

 Party in the garden. Special occasion though, 25th of July is a National Holiday - Guanacaste, a province, joined Costa Rica 189 years ago. 

How I went for a run, got injured, got scared about the stories and check my bed every night.

As I’ve mentioned quite a few times, I’ve been waking up around 5 am every morning. I had my first run on Tuesday. Apart from the fact that I could make another post about “ interesting things you find on the streets at 5 am and how the beach is stunning in the morning” I didn't make it very far the first morning. I suppose I’m not used to running so early and my sleepiness kept me a bit careless about how im running. I had been running for about 15 minutes(around 3 km I imagine) when I slipped and fell on the road. It didn't hurt much and before I looked down on my knees, I thought about continuing my run and then washing the dirt off in the ocean. However my first look on the knees made me sick. I felt like throwing up and I knew that running the whole 10 km is not an option.  I needed to find a place to ask some water. Unfortunately it’s not realistic to find anyone on the streets at 6 am, which is ironic as their roosters are making enough noise to wake up the sleeping beauty herself. So there I was, not knowing what to do. Not wanting to knock on anyone’s door and trying to get the dirt off with some cleaner leaves. However, I was luckily already quite close to the beach and therefore many hostels and hotels had started to appear. I tried entering a few, but there was no soul to be found. After 10 minutes of walking I managed to find a couple who was enjoying a morning coffee on their balcony. They kindly offered me their bathroom and the girl even put some iodine on on my knees, elbows and hands.  I knew that the elbow must have been the worst as her face betrayed the disgust and it really hurt a lot. However, I knew I fell luckily and not breaking any bones was a miracle.. I then jogged back about 45 minutes, and later spent time waiting for the pharmacy to open.  I will probably have scars for a while, but I was already running the next morning. I’m not going to add photos for the sake of people who can’t stand blood(because I of course had to take a photo of how bloody I looked), but I will add some nice beach photos instead. All taken after I’ve been asked if my husband is violent at home or did I get into a fight with someone. However, the scars aren’t as visible on the photos and I know that those cuts will heal completely eventually, so I’m quite pleased with my skill to fall.

Another story I wanted to tell is also written in English, in order to not creep out my mom who hopefully won’t be using google translate to see what I’m writing and enjoys the beautiful beach photos. So I’ve been always thinking that Costa Rica is the safest country in Central America. Apart from robberies, nothing serious really happens. I have heard some stories about volunteers who have been sexually harassed and for that reason I always asked my hostfamily whether the places I was travelling to are safe and never went out in the dark. I also go running on the main streets and roads. I always thought that it’s all about being careful and the fascinating part of the culture of Latin American countries weights up the dangerous bit. I still think this way, as mainly it’s just important to be careful. Keep your money in different places, don't go out during the night, keep an eye on your drink etc.
However, today morning when I arrived in the school I met a girl with a extremely creepy story. She has apparently been in the same family in Tamarindo for five weeks and she was supposed to leave in the end of next week. She usually locks her door when she goes to sleep, which I never do even when I go out to the city, as I feel that I need to trust the family(which I really do. I did in San Jose and I also trust my family here). However, she was very anxious yesterday night and after opening the closet and making sure that everything is ok, she calmed down a bit and went to bed. At two AM she wakes up because there is something moving under her bed. There was a person crawling out under her bed. It sounds like a real life horror movie, doesn´t it?
 She freaked out. Luckily was able to unlock her door and ran screaming to the room with other students who were living in the same host family. Apparently she was very lucky that there were other foreigners at the same time, because she was living in the family completely alone for a while. The guy who was under her bed was her hostbrother and although he had been a bit strange all along, he had never before been potentially dangerous. He then just left the building. Just like that. All the student families (many families come to the institute with children to learn Spanish and have an active holiday) packed their bags, called the institute and left the house immediately. They found an hotel and hopefully no other student will be placed in that family. I can only imagine the fear that takes over a persons body when they discover a man under their bed. Especially someone who is part of the family…
For the last days in Costa Rica, I’m going to check my bed everytime…. Although I know I have the safest family, you can never know. The family works in the institute so nothing can actually happen. Also they are a very nice family, the mother makes the best food and shares me the receipes, offers to do my laundry everyday and even showed me around the town. I’m really happy with the family, but stories like this, even when they happen rarely, make me aware of the fact that anything can happen.



Monday, July 22, 2013


Today I was woken by a rooster.

Probably tomorrow as well.

5 am.....

And I thought ive seen everything in Costa Rica.... Wait for the post titled " mysterious gardens of Tico families'

Now I can add a rooster there...

That was annoying....


Äratus oli täna tänu kukele...

Kell viis hommikul.....

Ignoreerisin tunnike.... Rohkem ei suutnud...

Kolm koera ka....

Homsest kella viiest jooksma.....


Arvasin, et olen kõike näinud....

Arvasin, et ei teki võimalust lisada kukkesid minu pikka nimekirja ' mida võib leida Costa Rica aiast'

Tarzan swing, La Fortuna

The video as promised.

Video nagu lubatud.

Imeline La Fortuna ja esimesed muljed Tamarindost.

Hommikul kell 8 (ehk siis 20 minutit hiljem) alustasime oma sõitu vulkaanipoole. Õigemini spordipoe poole, sest Sandral polnud matkamise jalanõusid ning kui meie giid selle maailmaime avastas, tekkis esimene peatus meie suure grupiga hoopis spordipoes. Mis oli muidugi õige ka, sest meie vaateplatvormi tuurist " näeme vulkaani, teeme pilti ning kõnnime jõe äärde" - sai hoopis kahe tunnine vihmametsas matkamine. Mägedest üles, iga teise taime maitsmine või nuusutamine ning vulkaanilugude kuulamine. Minu jaoks oli see üks päeva tipphetk. Vihmamets on lihtsalt suurepärane heaks jalutuskäiguks ning siis kuulata vulkaani ajaloost ning kuidas meie giid on 8 korda illegaalselt mäe tippu roninud. Vapustav. Arenal on üks vähestest Costa Rica vulkaanidest mis on siiamaani aktiivne ning alles mõnekümne aasta eest nägi ta täiesti teistsugune välja. Tema aktiivsus on see mis siia kanti turiste toob. Vaated olid ilusad ning neid võite piltidelt imetleda.
Pärast seda käisime "Rainforest Cafes" kohvi joomas ning lõunatamas. Sellist kohvi pole ma kunagi saanud, tegin lausa menüüst pilti ning üritan kodus midagi sarnast valmis meisterdada. Nende kohvivalikusse kuulus üle 20 erineva sordi( külmad ja kuumad) ning ka lõunasöök oli väga maitsev. Toit on küll Costa Ricas kallis, kuid enamasti väga hea kvaliteediga ja värske.
Pärast lõunasööki tegime aega parajaks ning pärast poolt tundi otsimist leidsime otsitud tarzani hüppega ujumiskoha üles. Varjatud metsaga ning ega autoteeltki seda eriti näha ei olnud. Järgmises postituses saate näha videot mu La Fortuna ekstreemhüppest. Enam küll nöör jalgade ümber polnud, kuid tundmatus kohas vettehüpe oli ikka paras adrenaliinilaks. See oli just selline koht kus kohalikud käivad ning õnneks sai enne jälgida kuhu kohta inimesed täpselt hüppavad. Samuti jäid asjad alles, sest mu isiklik kotihoidja Sandra tegi imepärast tööd.

 Laava teekond

8 kordne illegaalne vulkaanironija - Arenali vallutaja.

Minu reisikaaslane Sandra ;)

 Tere tulemast vihmametsa.. Väga turvaline teekond tõesti ;)

See ala on kõik sipelgapesa, hüppasin kohe kolm sammu tagasi kui meile seda öeldi. Ai kuidas nad hammustavad...

Paar korda hüpatud, ujutud ja ilusat vaadet nauditud ning juba liikusime tagasi hotelli poole. Buss jäi muidugi ilusad pool tundi hiljaks, aga siin ei aja selline hilinemine peaaegu üldse ei häiri. Pigem on mõnus rahulik suhtumine ning ise hiljaks jäädes on alati teada, et siin sellist kontsepti lihtsalt ei eksisteeri. Kohalikud ütlevad koguaeg " rahulikult, rahulikult, ära põe, Puhas elu( tranquila, tranquila, despacio, Pura vida!)"
Paradise Hot Springs on küll parim kuumaveeallika koht. Kõige uuem, odavam, väikseim ja selle tõttu ka vähe rahvastatud. Tehti eraldi tuur kus kõike nauditi ning 25 dollariga saime isegi õhtusöök jookidega! Mister lava lava(pean kohe mitu korda kirjutama, see nimi ajab korraliku itsituse peale) tegi meile kõige parema pakkumise.
Lõõgastumine võis alata! Alguses ehmatas esimene 45 kraadine vesi küll ära, korra sisse ning joogijanu võttis juba võimust ning pidi välja joogivee järgi jooksma. Lõpuks pingutasin päris kaua seal mullivannides ja kuumades vetes olla, seda tänu pidevale kinnitamisele kui tervislik ja kasulik see minu nahale on. Täielik saunatamine oli see ikka.
Õhtusöök oli samuti väga rikas, sai valida erinevate Costa Rica toitude vahel ning kõik minu lemmikud olid samuti valikus. Vot see õhtu oli tõesti väga väga mõnus ja rahulik. Kui kellegil kunagi tekib võimalus kuumaveeallikaid proovida, siis tehke seda! Maksimaalselt seda aega ja raha väärt! :)

Kell 10 hotelli jõudes oli aga väsimus nii suur, et peaaegu koheselt vajusimegi magama. Järgmine päev ju varajane bussisõit Tamarindo poole ning vaja veel Rainforest kohvikust omale üks korralik suur kohvi kaasa võtta. Järgmine päev algaski Interbusi peale võtuga. Kerge 5 tunnine bussisõit kõiksugustel maastikel. Väga ilusad maanteed kontrastiks lühikestele auklikele teedele. Kohale jõudes- imeline rand, tore perekond, ÜLISUUR voodi, televiisor toas, paremini reguleeritav dušš.... Ma olen taevas.
Linn ise on tohutult kallis, selline tõeline turistide koht, niiet kui siia tulla, siis tuleb tõesti vahetusperes elada. Instituut kus ma päevas neli tundi hispaania keelt õpin näeb väga tsill välja ning esimene inglise keelt kõnelev inimene oli totaalne hipi. Poleks kunagi osanud oodata, et ma päris hipit näen- need 60ndatel eksisteerinud olevused peaksid olema ju väljasurnud " ahjaaa, olen siin vabatahtlik aasta aega juba, sõitsin lihtsat bussiga siia elu nautima, ei tea kui kauaks jään" Vahepeal tekkis küll tunne, et täitsa pilves inimesega räägin, pea jube laiali otsas.

Mul on teile veel palju asju millest kirjutada, kuid Peace, Love, Pura Vida!

Järgmise korrani ;)

 Väike ananass.

Wuhuu, lõpuks ometi midagi muud peale riisi ubadega. palun tooge mulle musta leiba järgmine pühapäev lennujaama !!!!

Ilus hüppekoht

 Õnnelikult tagasitee leidnud.

Sandra - this is my favorite favorite photo of you ! :)

Esta tambien - goes to my collection of good photos ;)

 Arenal !

Hot Springs :

  My hottest face ;)

 My hottest smile :D :D

Proovime siis natuke tavalisemaid fotosid ka teha vahepeal.

On the way to Tamarindo :

My new home for a week:

Minu blogi kirjutamise koht ;)