Wednesday, June 6, 2012

THIS Friday!!!  Only two more days.......

And surprise surprise !! It's not only blink 182, but also.......:


Today was such a nice day again and it is so true that small things make people happy.(GO BLINK182!!). Yesterday we were eating that peanut butter cereal that Thomas brought with him and i just LOVED IT. Rory's class passed by even faster tha usually(quite remarkable occasion) And today he gave me some of his very fancy American peanut butter chocolates. SOOO SWEEET and they were simply delicious. Got to love penut butter.. and i have to admit that from time to time we really need to be thankful for America..
uuh.. cant believe i just said it, but its truee!! They have peanut butter!!!!!!!

Next time that im blogging im afraid it's not gonna be as cheery, as I have something prepared for you...:)

But until that, there's one more band performing on friday:

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