Saturday, July 7, 2012

So as there has been over 40(!?!? whaaat is wrooong with you guys, i havent written for weeks! :D) views today,  I decided to make a short post. Without pictures im afraid as im used to the summer feeling and cant be bothered to stand up and fetch my camera. That's also due to the fact that I cycled over 25 km today. Just as randomly. Yesterday went to the beach. Alone. Yes, thats how forever alone I am :( Not really :D just needed time for myself. There´s been a lot happening lately, had a birthday party, organised  our class "reunion" gathering. Went to a few parties and got home at four oclock yesterday. Next week im going to south Estonia, where my dad has a few houses and im just gonna relaaaax! Probably even switch off my phone just to get away from everything. I just love to do nothing. Doing nothing. Reading a book or two, listening to the beatles (there was a hipster movie on tv yesterday which was full of them), sunbathing and spending time with my best friend. Also im going to Tõrva later this month( my favorite small city in the world, with two lakes, the coolest relatives , the highest water jumping tower in estonia etc.) and im looking forward to that. Also im joining a training camp next week, got to loose the 2 kg, i gained in england :D :D In reality its just table tennis, with my old training mates... quite creepy as i havent played against them for ages and dont stand a chance anyways. Then im going to Germany In August!!! Can´t wait and Helen send me a adorable Birthday present(a unicorn!!! a card and foooood!!) and then again back to doing nothing. But what does it mean doing nothing? Doing nothing can actually be very productive. Atleast when it comes to me, then its productive, as it actually makes me think even more. (haha, me, the world biggest overthinker can think even more) And not even more, but think bigger. Doing nothing allows me to organise my thoughts, realise whats valuable in life and it teaches me not to make such a big deal out of everything. How important are your problems today?Do they matter in a years time? In most cases unlikely, life moves on and replaces your worries with something else. Probably some other problems, but why worry? Easy to say- hard to do, you say? Just take a minute or two from your busy life and THINK about NOTHING. Relax a bit, listen to some music. And you realsie that actually there are no obstacles, and even when there is, you can overcome them. Take those 5 minutes and then continue with everything you have to do. One by one. Just take the time and organise your thoughts, get rid of the rubbish to move on to the important ones. What is important in your life... its up to you do pay enough attention to them. Everyone needs the relaxing time, it gives your life a meaning, helps you to move on and turn your perspective right.


Random, but that´s what i remembered when i was thinking of important things to do and people who mean something to me. Surprising, but i could count them on my 10 fingers..without using toes.

But off i am, going to the old town to take photos of the approaching thunder. Thats also something ive been doing lately.. things for myself.. organising my time as I LIKE IT :D
enjoy bob marley :

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