Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's August. And im stating the obvious again, as you have probably realised it as well. But how else am i supposed to start, surely not with the same old lame "so sorry for not blogging, because ive been enjoying the summer and havent opened my lap top for ages blablabla talk"Time has passed by fast and there's been a lot going on lately. Well if you consider going to the beach and back very significant then there's been a lot of important things going on.. Actually I still don't feel like writing. Im right now busy with my usual overthinking. Although im getting better at avoiding it, life is so much easier without it !!
 I suppose the mood for writing comes back when im extremely busy. But I thought i own you at least one post before i retire from blogging. Which is unlikely to happen as I still have thoughts that need to be written down. I'm still surprised im writing right now, although i have nothing special to say. So probably you can just take a look at the photos I'll post. Not too many as I havent sorted all out yet. Starting from the beginning of June!?! 

Kristin's dog.
kristin as a rabbit.
Usual 5 AM photography time.
Latvia and Estonia at the same time. Chuck Norris as I am.
pretttty girl.

hipster party.
wind photo.
dancing in the moonlight.
KIKUUUUUU!!!! my prettiest and the best friend forever.                    HEEEEEELP SHE JUST MADE ME WRITE THAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and she makes me color my hair blue today...... pictures coming up later.
random birthday party shot.
Turned 200.

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