Sunday, August 5, 2012

So me and Kiku coloured my hair blue yesterday..... And went to the city to meet Anna. It was mainly a social experiment, which succeed as everybody ignored me. Sure they gave me strange looks, but mainly they didn't say anything. Had so much fun that I felt I have to mention it as the title of my blog is "love life and life will love you back. "

Do something you've never done before, that's how you'll discover something new about yourself and start enjoying it. If you're not happy, then don't expect the overall mood to change without you taking a new approach to the sitation. And although I'm not going to colour my hair permanently, I had fun and did something extraordinary and that makes me feel good. So always pull yourself together, let your best friend push you to the edge and take the step. It's worth it!! Take the chance and make life love you back :)  ...... oh but make sure not to colour your whole bathroom blue, which would upset other people using it.....just mentioning.............

Video and pictures coming up, stay tuned ! :)) 

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