Saturday, September 15, 2012

So I had to write a poem for English and after struggling a bit, I´m quite pleased with the outcome and decided to publish it. Here. Not officially publish it-just mentioning- but just show you all how much I love chocolate. As I was informed that it was an International Chocolate day on Thursday.

Ode to Chocolate.

Whenever I set my eyes on You,
I know there’ll be nothing left but few,
You grab my attention from a distance,
I do not need any assistance,
My head will start to spin around
Even when your price is hardly a pound

I can feel how I’m starving,
I only want to unwrap you, my darling.
Even when I know there’s no real need,
I still feel the urge to eat you, indeed.
You are the best consolation
You are the only salvation

Incredible, HOW DELICIOUS!!!
Although I become slightly suspicious,
Crowds around me might want a piece,
My blood pressure has now increased.
I start to run,
The real race has now begun ,
I’ve managed to find a place alone,
Which is luckily completely unknown.
You’re finally all mine,
I’ll enjoy you with a glass of wine.

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