Thursday, September 13, 2012

There's been ALOT going on recently and considering the amount of homework, Im happy to announce that I'm done with it... for today. Now I can easily tell you, my little stalkers, how life's going. I must apologize straight away, that there are no dramas, conflicts or any gossip that may relieve your starvation for others social life. On the other hand, I truly hope that most readers are just interested in what I'm up to. Wow.... sometimes I really wonder what people are expecting when they wander to this page. A random Estonian girl, who likes expressing herself through her blog-is it really entertaining? interesting? informative? Well, if you are new here, then you better scroll through the posts and see, that it's simply a blog of randomness. About my current projects, table tennis competitions, human qualities that annoy me, good books and movies, which have made me reconsider our human nature. Maybe I exaggerate just a bit, because I rarely have time to give you an informative post about how a book changed my life, which actually hasn't even happened. I'm still waiting for a magical book which will give my life a purpose(any suggestions... ANYONE!?!???). Well as all I hear is silence(or "You make my dreams" by The Hall and Oates, as my playlist is on), then i'm obligated to continue with the usual how-im-doing-and-school-is-exhausting-and-lets-come-up-with-something-new talk. Although I have done some relatively important discoveries recently. Important for my interests and personal development. Firstly, I volunteered in the Oxford Open doors, which basically is a weekend when all the colleges are open in the city center. I was just helping out and it was truly exhausting, but I met so many people and it was really a motivating experience. I've started so many activities ever since. I'm visiting the elderly and going to running club on Mondays. Both equally exhausting, but worth the effort. The first time I went this week, was really nice. I wasn't expecting much, but already this one time was very inspiring. It's hard to actually live the way they advise you to, but it's worth a try. I was talking to a woman, who can't walk long distances anymore and told me to definitely take the most out of them as long as I can. Also to "write down everything until you're young, believe me, you won't remember it!".That's why i'll do my best to keep my blog up to date. ... Partly. :D of course it's not all fun, as you can imagine. They have lived their lives and many of them don't even have relatives visiting..
Even though I don't have time for anything besides homework and CAS, I've enjoyed it so far. I'm completely exhausted at the end of the day, but pleased with it :) 
The two weeks have passed by so fast, partly because i have approximately two activities per day + homework, so there's a lot to keep me busy, but partly because "Time flies when you're having fun". 
I'm not indicating that IB is much fun, it is already challenging(and its only the second week..) and taking Biology higher feels like I'm studying a fourth language....., but I've been enjoying myself so far :) At the same time I still don't want to let you go with a feeling that IB is SO MUCH FUN. Today for example, I was doing maths and after an hour of exercises and being cheery after finishing all of them, I realised that I had read all the questions wrong...... which meant that i had to do them all over again, just using a different formula. You can ONLY IMAGINE my frustration. Now that you are imagining, double it ...or rather triple it, as I'm not fond of maths. 

Had my first table tennis training AND competition. Yes, i'm a risk-taker, hadn't played for months and managed to come second in country trials.( out of four...but lets not mention that :D :D... oops, I already did... ). The following training was the most awkward one ever, but i'm not gonna talk about it for too was way too embarrassing. The whole day was full of unnatural awkwardness. I must mention here, that i'm a type of person who almost never feels awkward, but when the situation just keeps insisting(for example when two adult people are talking about a girl being raped and choose to pick you as an example.....never mind), then i can't help but to feel that rare feeling, you all call awkwardness. 
Well one thing that will help me survive those busy days is my 9 hour sleep, so I better get ready, read a few chapters of a new book I just started(and Im once again jealous that someone came up with such a great idea for a book -.- and it wasn't me.. I'll make a post about it when I've read it all). 
 Brace yourselves, a busy weekend is coming!! :)

PS: As i discovered i once again talked about unnecessary things, but life is a long phenomenon, so I'll make the time to make some more orientated-posts.

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