Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 2 : "You are what you eat"

As the second day is officially over in 5 minutes(not that counting minutes will even be necessary), It's time for me to summary what has happened. I just finished watching a documentary called "Food matters" and i would definitely advise it to every one. It also gave me even better motivation for doing this and in order to now understand what may really drive people into eating more vegetarian-vegan food. It's only the second day of my "diet", but I already feel that it's leading to something bigger and better. I might sound like a person who's been brainwashed, but after you've watched the documentary and actually seen that it is not difficult to adapt that lifestyle, your own view may change as well. I'm not trying to convert anyone, but I find it important to tell people to actually watch what they eat. Even little changes make a difference and make you feel a lot better. I can't yet entirely say that I'm feeling a difference, because, as I've already mentioned, it is only the second day and I would say that my earlier eating habits were relatively healthy. Eating the right things is just something I've been taught unconsciously from my childhood. Don't misinterpret it, because neither of my parents are complete vegetarians or vegans, but just that I grew up in a small town where it was natural to just go and pick strawberries from your back yard and even after moving to Tallinn, it never crossed my mind to not eat seasonal food. So overall, even though I haven't paid any significant attention to what I'm eating, the "right" things have always been there available for me. So maybe that's part of why it hasn't turned out as difficult as I expected. Two days is absolutely insignificant though, so I shouldn't put my hopes up that it will continue this way, but my general view is now positive. Having a vegan-diet is of course an extreme form of vegetarianism, so even though excluding all dairy-products hasn't offered me a huge challenge so far, it will still affect me, even if it's going to last only for a week. This is still a change that I need to adapt to, but after watching the movie I see the necessity of eating more nutrient-rich foods and avoid processed food. 
Otherwise, today is Friday which means the weekend is coming and I can finally relax. Deadlines seem further, as I can manage my time and I can now go and try out that vegan restaurant :) Trying out a vegan-diet hasn't stopped me from anything, I still went to gym today, ate breakfast, lunch(THAT tomato soup, NJOMM) and dinner and I haven't found it hard to resist animal-foods. Why would I? I can get everything I need...
So tomorrow I'll hopefully post you some photos of the delicious vegan-burgers.

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