Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 3: Not exactly a vegan burger... Day 4: Chinese food.

Today.....didn't go as planned. Just as simple as that. I was waiting for the vegan burger the whole day!!! Ate my apples and drank my smoothies and finished my English essay on "blasphemy laws vs. free speech" and looked forward to the evening. sorry, I think I need to re-word it. I was REALLLY hungry and NEEDED to get something to eat as quickly as possible. The walk to The Gardeners Arms, wasn't actually long at all. Anna, Marci and Luka were a really good company and  we managed to work our way there with a little help from google maps. Proud of my skills. However, once we got there we were basically kicked-out as we were all under-aged :D That's what I mean by that it didn't went as planned. So there we are...vegan burgers out of Italian restaurant serving anything vegan...queues were huge everywhere else.... You can only imagine my disappointment and how difficult it was to conceal it. oh well..let's take a walk to the city center then and go to pizza hut. Because vegetarian pizzas shouldnt consist any dairy products. A true Italian confirmed that putting milk in a pizza base should be considered a crime, so no way that they have any milk in the pizza base. Oh well, as you might already guess, they had dairy products in every dish except....chicken wings. So much win right? Well actually getting a free salad after that disappointment wasn't TOO bad. I could actually enjoy the evening and watch my favorite pepperoni pizza  getting eaten without begging for a bite. After those unexpected events we joined a few people in the common room and watched "10 days I hate about you" and ate vegan candies, which apparently are available in Tesco. Well probably they don't have vegan chocolate, because everything that I've checked "may contain milk". But it's really not as big of a problem as it may feel.. I've discovered so many other foods, which I didn't know could even exist, so I'm very thankful for my diet for showing me those. Overall, I think we all were quite pleased with the evening :)

Day 4

So I got to sleep late again and enjoy the morning sunshine at 12 o'clock. Those late mornings are really necessary for me and probably to many people, so I didn't worry too much about the amount of work I need to get done. Went to the city centre with Marci and Anna, did some food shopping and finished in a vegan-friendly cafe, where I enjoyed a sandwich and conversation with marciiii. I don't know how's it possible, but I really don't pay too much attention to food in those cases. I do pay attention to the fact that it's vegan, but I don't constantly think about it. Four days ago I was expecting to be hungry all the time and wanting to eat  all sugary-pastries, but it hasn't turned out like this at all. I've been told that people envy my will-power and determination, as I haven't had anything to do with even being a vegetarian, but I believe that everyone can actually do it. It's true, that it needs some determination and will to try it out, but the rest is not as hard as it seems. At least not the beginning of it.. You do have plenty of food to eat and I got even more evidence to it later in the evening. I went to a Chinese restaurant with a couple of friends and banged my head on the table, as I had completely forgotten how many vegan dishes does a Chinese restaurant has to offer. Rice with my favorite sweet-sour sauce is completely vegan!! What a blessing that we have Chinese food everywhere! Got to love globalisation!
I do have to admit once again, that going vegan for a week, hasn´t changed y sleeping habits((yet?) so I better get some sleep now, as I have loads of activities tomorrow that require a lot of energy. School, visiting the elderly, running club and homework...

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