Sunday, September 22, 2013

Technology and the young generation tragedies of the day.

Today, I would like to start off my blog by expressing how dependent we are on technology. It may seem obvious from the amount of internet we use on a daily basis, whether for work, gaming, social purposes. If you happen to have the privilege of reading my blog, you must know what I'm talking about. Paper-books seem more expensive as newer ipads and kindles come out every few months', essays are all written on the computer and we seem to "lose contact with friends" when we don't have access to the magical facebook or whatsapp. Even though I've always considered myself to be the person who puts away the phone when going out with friends or clubbing, I now understand how impossible it can be.(especially if your silent phone is not on vibrating and that irritates everyone :D :D mwahahah im so mean) While my lap-top had a breakdown, school computer doesnt have access to skype and my iphone home button doesn't work, I can finally value how much fun it is to walk from one class to another without putting your headphones on.You can listen to other's conversations in a foreign language and have fun with pretending to not to understand anything.(although as my russian and spanish keep mixing themselves up, it's more confusing than I was hoping at the first place).
 I can now value what it's like to leave everything home and miss the trastic events that happen on facebook.(my meanest sarcasm at its best :D ) It's actually pretty fun. Without facebook and constant texting you have more to talk to people.  Think about it. How often do you talk to people and already know that they have done this or that or other. That constitutes into making the most boring lifestyle. Ofcourse it is unavoidable to use social network nowadays, especially when your family is all around the world. It's a great way to keep in touch, see the pretty holiday photos and share some "fun facts of the day". Unless the fun fact is weather and it keeps spreading all over facebook. I will keep my fun fact of the day as "sunny weather, going for a run, doing bits and pieces of maths  and grabbing a nice strong coffee from somewhere". wuhuuuuuuuu :D If I would post it on facebook all the time, then my cup of coffee wouldnt look so nice at instagram anymore. The tragedy of my new life.... which social network to use.... facebook is useless as most of the photos I post myself I dont care about and most people I have the social obligation to accept as friends, I cant recognise or say hi to... instagram is actually quite cute as I can use it as a substitute for photoshop for the next few weeks ooooor I can actually just skype with everyone from my phone and quit the edited life of facebook. It's great to check my facebook to see what's up with my friends and relatives who are travelling, working, studying all around the world or write with people who I see every few months. Otherwise there is just so little I care about social networks now. Logging in and not saying "bye" to someone or answer in 2 minutes which is apparently too long since "he has seen that you have seen that he has seen that you have seen his message and not answered which makes you a "horrrible friend as you didnt comfort me fast enough when my goldfish died" ". 

I've been doing some intense googling these days and I came across different "memory biases" Illusary correlation being interesting, as seeing a reason behind two consequences when it actually doesnt exist or "childhood amnesia" where adults cant recall episodes from their very early childhood. Firstly I found it funny how wikipedia had listed and named those biases, as most of them are quite natural phenomena's. Normally people don't remember their childhood and it is very easy to be a "victim" of the illusory correlation. On the other hand, there were some really cool points. Something that was listed as a "google effect" which meant that if something can be easily found on google, we are least likely to remember it. This one study doesnt make it untrue, as I'm constantly gooling lap-tops and dont remember which site has the best prices, but it's certainly not simply a "google effect". If I don't have to remember facts, what do I as a crazy lazy human-animal do? I gooooogle it. Do I remember less facts due that? Most likely, but I can deduct that I'm healthy human beast and cant be bothered to remember and believe in "fun science facts: we unconciously eat 3 spiders in our life time as they crawl into your mouth during night" So if I actually want to learn about the central-american spiders(which I dont. after having spider webs in my room in Costa Rica and a web starting to form next to my window...agaaaain) I google them and then prefer not to read on. Which means I'm not gonna process the information as I was just "looking it up and not wanting to reallllly know about in which continent they live on, making sure they aren't poisonous." The moral of my new English life blog-post? 

I don't have my photos to finish the Costa Rica blog with beautiful nature photos and I also need to go out and enjoy the sun until it's still there and I therefore can't be bothered to end my though in a logical conclusion like way!!!! Oh, and probably check over my extended essay, cause all people do at a boarding school is talk about school and deadlines, especially if you have too much time during breaaaaaks, woopwooooop. :) 

Enjoy your Sunday mis amigas :)))))