Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just something I wrote a few weeks ago.... : 

Psychology is driving me crazy... the knowledge is messing with my head. MY MIND IS BLOWN!!!! I'm either turning into a genius or simply a psychopath. I'm either being enlightened or being torn apart. Or does it all depend on your point of view? Your norms.....
haaaaaaaaaaaa !!!! I don't know what's wrong with me. I'd like to go and run until the end of the time(time..... we're all going to die in the end of December according to the famous calender). I'd like to go and and see the world, meet every single person in the world and get some INSPIRAAATION. I have a appetite... I might be getting closer to actually fulfilling everything I want to do... At least some parts of it, because the ideas keep coming and that's what keeps me going. The passion for life. The passion for all the small things I love and that surround me. The curiosity of what is going to happen to the world around me. What is going to happen to the people I feel like a observer who has a, but still enough to partly satisfy the curiousity. The curiosity towards LIFE. What will happen doesn't's all about HOW it happens. 

I want to just walk around Camden Town..... walk around Oxford. Feel the contrast between the cold evening and the warmth that takes over you when you step into a small cafe. Explore those hidden corners of the city I'm in completely in love with. Meet everyone I usually pass without noticing. 

i need to be a actor..... a musician.....a writer......... I need to express myself through something creative .......... At the same time I need something scientific. But i need to enjoy it. Psychology. History. Politics. Linguistics.  There are simply too many things I need in my life.I can't believe that I'm saying it, but there's simply too many things I love.... I don't have enough time for all of them. I don't have time to get to know all of them. At least not now. 

I look normal. I act normal. Most of the time I even think normal(or so I like to on earth should I know how to define "normal" especially when it comes to thinking.....). So why do I have this sudden urge to express myself so unproductively in this obscure manner. I don't think I can explain why it was needed...why anything is needed. Furthermore why I still haven't done it successfully.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

GROUP 4 project

Hey!! Just before I'll post a piece of writing I'll show you some photos of what's been going on in our biology lessons recently. It's all a bit messy because of my inability to sort them our properly. Here are some pictures of the experiment we've been doing for our Group 4 project and the museum we went to... enjoy, because the next posts will not have as many photos(I decided to make another blog for photography by the way..) : 


Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm tired.

I'm so incredibly tired that I lack of words to describe it. I'm exhausted of facts, dates, running club, being socially active.

I'm so incredibly tired, but at the same time I'm incredibly happy. I've rarely encountered a feeling like this, but I like to think that I've found a sort of internal sort of happiness. Do our feelings make our thoughts or do our thoughts create our feelings? I prefer to believe that our feelings and surroundings create our thoughts. I've been surrounded with some horrible people recently... the ones that are horrible according to my definition, people whose only way of feeling good is making everyone(and I mean EVERYONE) feel bad. I'm sorry if you feel touched by this talk, but the moment you affect my friends, it affects me and it's just stupid what you are unconsciously trying to achieve.
I'm just bored of boring people... On the other hand, I've developed a skill to just block them out. It's even sort of nice to see how defenceless they are when they realise that they have absolutely no power over you. I concentrate on the people who are important to me and actually matter. I've also been surrounded my people who love me. I'm so lucky to have many of them.

I'm still tired.

I'm so so tired that my head is completely blank and I'm sure that I'm gonna spend the night sleep-talking about re-assurance treaty and Kaiser Wilhelm and Alexander II and basically everything... But in the end it doesn't even matter as the exams will be over in a weeks time and I'm getting ready to spend the weekend in London!! After that I'm gonna go back home and fly to Kenya!!! If the endless tiredness keeps dragging me down, I try to remind myself that it's soon gonna be over......for a short period of time, but it's simply going to be amaziiiiing. There's always something to look forward to. ok, I'm probably just in my little bubble of happiness at the moment. The amazing combination of tiredness and happiness. I better go to bed now as I'm using my blog as a place for procrastination at the moment and it's not doing anything good before exams.

Wish me good luck!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

I´m in love with Tim Burton´s work. Ideas put into moving pictures. Just as photography captured into something bigger, better and even more beautiful.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why do we Ignore?

Sometimes I wish I was a naive little girl again. Ignorance is bliss they say and the realization of this is a long process. I've  done a lot of thinking the past few days and the more I think the more confused I get. That's something that life is based on-confusing us with all the complications and ugly truths of human nature, which gets us thinking. I've always known that we, humans, are selfish, but it has always been a rational and  simple thought that never developed anywhere. Sometimes I do wish I was a naive person again. That I'd go to a ordinary state-school, which provides me with information and stuffed me up with what they call "truth." When in fact there is no universal truth about anything. There is no truth- but in that case, is it true that there is no truth? I feel like I'm getting over philosophical. One thing is sure-there is nothing you can rely on. I suppose the older you get, the more you start to realise how bliss ignorance can be, but once you've started thinking, there's no turning back. That's what is  bothering me most. Why am I a person who thinks so much... I'm not talking about over-thinking and analysing, although that's also a "problem", but rather why am a type of person who goes through something like over-thinking about inevitable global problems.
I assume it's better to have problems with "overthinking", as this indicates that the other aspects of my life(essential and social well-being) are alright. But sometimes I do wish there was a overall answer to everthing. If anyone has read Yevgeni Zamjatin 's "We" , then life actually seems so much easier in such social setting. Even the "Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins can give you an idea how life is at least simpler in a social setting like that. But is life really meant to be easy? To take the easiest and most comfortable path and just live as you are told to? I don't say that I'd prefer the setting where this story takes place, because as I said - once you start thinking, there's no way of getting out of it. Once you start analysing or seeing a bigger picture- it seems impossible for me to ignore it. The truth(how ironic) is, that people do ignore it. People tend to ignore everything that's uncomfortable. Let's bring in global warming as an example. Here are some of my 3 suggestions why people find it easier to not pay attention to this:

1. Selfishness.
Humans are naturally selfish. Everything we do is for our own well-being. There's nothing wrong with that, as it is a completely natural behaviour. We have friends to not feel lonely. We give money to charity because doing good makes you feel good. This is all well-explained by how we evolved.
There are still people who don't admit that there is global warming, but why? They ignore it out of their selfishness. How does it have anything to do with selfishness? Well we are selfish, because we want to feel good and comfortable, admitting a problem doesn't let us do so, therefore it's easier to just say it doesn't exist. It doesn't affect me now, so we shouldn't bother with it- "my well-being is fine at the moment, so I ignore it"

2. Problems in other aspects of life.
I suppose everyone can relate to this one and actually understand the reasons behind this. When one has any complications in their relationship, problems with school-related work or with the place they live - simply issues that need your immediate attention, it's almost impossible to think that there is a global issue that would need our attention. This comes back to selfishness- need for our own well-being. At the same time, ignoring the problem, while being aware of it comes naturally. I can see my roommate writing her final TOK-essay and I naturally don't expect her to be struggling to find a universal solution to global warming- would sound like non-sense to her,wouldn't it? Tomorrow, when I have important homework to do, I wouldn't spend time analysing something like this. I will not even bother to come and read through to see if I posted a complete non-sense.
 Most likely you, who are reading this, don't have many problems, as you have made it that far and have the time to read blogs-surf the internet-procrastinate, you most likely don't have any serious concerns. Therefore you have time to think everything through.. or you are simply looking for pictures that I usually post, or didn't expect to find any philosophical thought, but continued to read out of interest-but you get my point. It is hard for everyone to deal with something that doesn't affect you at the moment and global-warming is a on-going let's ignore it for a moment.

3. There isn't much to do about it.
 Global-warming is an example of a problem, which a single person can not change. One can change many things concerning themselves, their well-being or anything surrounding them. Global warming isn't something there isn't much to do about it. I'm laying here and writing on my lap-top and there is nothing I can do- feeling helpless. It's not like I'm a young person who feels that she needs to change the world(although I sometimes do) by ending the unnatural part of global-warming. It's simply that we can't do anything about it by ourselves and there comes ignoring. Why bother with something that you can't do much about, when 1. It doesn't help you at the moment(selfishness) 2. You have so so many other worries concerning everything else that seems more important. 3. There's only limited amount that you can do.

Simply ignoring is natural and easy, even when we are aware of the problem. Ignorance is bliss, but so is ignoring. Even though there are reasons why people ignore problems, it sometimes still surprises me how easily people can shut their eyes to it. But at the same time there is nothing I can personally do about it, so I'll just ignore how people do it... isn't life ironic?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day 7.

I've skipped a few days, but simply because I've had too much to do and I don't even have time usually to open my lap-top for any other purposes than school related work. However, I have continued with the vegan week and sadly it has come to an official end. "Official", because I actually enjoy it and as my vegan foods(chocolate, cookies and sausages!!) arrived, I will probably continue it for longer. I have to admit that it can get quite tough eventually and on Monday evening, when I had visited the elderly and finished running club, I was completely sure that human body is not capable of doing everything we demand it to do. I had been doing my homework during the free breaks I had, tried to memorise  everything for Spanish, eat only vegetables and then I need to concentrate to talk to old people who would also rather take a nap instead..... and on the top of all this, I demand myself to do sprints...........
It is already quite questionable whether a human is supposed to study as much as we do....  Sometimes it really feels like we are not meant to deal with the pressure and therefore struggle to handle it, but at the same time everything seems impossible until it's done. I survived the day, I made it through school the next day, played table tennis and survived the house meeting. Well basically the first half of the week was just a killer. I thought that everything is impossible and everything I felt is a complete opposite to what I´ve been feeling today and yesterday. Woke up an hour before my alarm clock today and was full of energy. Everything was suddenly so positive, I don´t know what´s going on with my emotions, whether it´s the vegan diet or always having to plan my time properly, but I feel so... free. there is no way to express what I'm feeling...feeligns are weird :D
But at the same time, the first half of the week is always tougher, as there´s no free time, free lessons or anything, so no wonder that it was even harder as I had to keep an eye on what I eat.
Otherwise my vegan week was highly successful...despite the extremely exhausting Monday. I have nice plans for the weekend as well and I once again can't believe it's Friday again... Only two more weeks until the half-term break and I have no idea what to make of it. My life has never been so different... I want  to go back home, but all the reasons for it have changed once again. Getting away from school for a week, seeing my family and friends, sleeping until 2 PM every day.... uuuh, that's tempting and two weeks that are left will pass by incredibly quickly. I can't believe it has already been over a month.. seems like just yesterday, but at the same time I've done so much that I could write a whole book about those past months...
 This Saturday, for example, will be the first time I'm gonna volunteer for KEEN. I'll be working with disabled children and arranging activities for them, which will be very interesting and at the same time challenging. And  I have some plans for Sunday, which I hope to share with you after I've done it :))) Anyway there is a lot going on all the time and my last two weekends before the half-term break will be amazing!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 3: Not exactly a vegan burger... Day 4: Chinese food.

Today.....didn't go as planned. Just as simple as that. I was waiting for the vegan burger the whole day!!! Ate my apples and drank my smoothies and finished my English essay on "blasphemy laws vs. free speech" and looked forward to the evening. sorry, I think I need to re-word it. I was REALLLY hungry and NEEDED to get something to eat as quickly as possible. The walk to The Gardeners Arms, wasn't actually long at all. Anna, Marci and Luka were a really good company and  we managed to work our way there with a little help from google maps. Proud of my skills. However, once we got there we were basically kicked-out as we were all under-aged :D That's what I mean by that it didn't went as planned. So there we are...vegan burgers out of Italian restaurant serving anything vegan...queues were huge everywhere else.... You can only imagine my disappointment and how difficult it was to conceal it. oh well..let's take a walk to the city center then and go to pizza hut. Because vegetarian pizzas shouldnt consist any dairy products. A true Italian confirmed that putting milk in a pizza base should be considered a crime, so no way that they have any milk in the pizza base. Oh well, as you might already guess, they had dairy products in every dish except....chicken wings. So much win right? Well actually getting a free salad after that disappointment wasn't TOO bad. I could actually enjoy the evening and watch my favorite pepperoni pizza  getting eaten without begging for a bite. After those unexpected events we joined a few people in the common room and watched "10 days I hate about you" and ate vegan candies, which apparently are available in Tesco. Well probably they don't have vegan chocolate, because everything that I've checked "may contain milk". But it's really not as big of a problem as it may feel.. I've discovered so many other foods, which I didn't know could even exist, so I'm very thankful for my diet for showing me those. Overall, I think we all were quite pleased with the evening :)

Day 4

So I got to sleep late again and enjoy the morning sunshine at 12 o'clock. Those late mornings are really necessary for me and probably to many people, so I didn't worry too much about the amount of work I need to get done. Went to the city centre with Marci and Anna, did some food shopping and finished in a vegan-friendly cafe, where I enjoyed a sandwich and conversation with marciiii. I don't know how's it possible, but I really don't pay too much attention to food in those cases. I do pay attention to the fact that it's vegan, but I don't constantly think about it. Four days ago I was expecting to be hungry all the time and wanting to eat  all sugary-pastries, but it hasn't turned out like this at all. I've been told that people envy my will-power and determination, as I haven't had anything to do with even being a vegetarian, but I believe that everyone can actually do it. It's true, that it needs some determination and will to try it out, but the rest is not as hard as it seems. At least not the beginning of it.. You do have plenty of food to eat and I got even more evidence to it later in the evening. I went to a Chinese restaurant with a couple of friends and banged my head on the table, as I had completely forgotten how many vegan dishes does a Chinese restaurant has to offer. Rice with my favorite sweet-sour sauce is completely vegan!! What a blessing that we have Chinese food everywhere! Got to love globalisation!
I do have to admit once again, that going vegan for a week, hasn´t changed y sleeping habits((yet?) so I better get some sleep now, as I have loads of activities tomorrow that require a lot of energy. School, visiting the elderly, running club and homework...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

So tell me family now what do you think ? 
Watch it all go down the great big sink. 
Watch how the scum it rises to the top. 
Don't you wonder when it's all gonna stop? 
Sometimes I wonder how we do sleep, 
serving the dodgy companies we keep.
All kicking and scrounging for the very first place -
dictionary definition of a rat race. 
Pay off those losers we elect to lead,
stealing from the mouths that we're meant to feed. 
Enslaving the very clothes upon my back, 
I feel the sting but I hear no crack, no crack, I'm saying

Running through the fire, running through the flame,
running through the hatred, pushing through the blame,
running through the hopelessness and shame, 
revolution already underway.

Big Heavy Pirates man digging those holes
messing with something that they can't control. 
Tresspassing lands where they don't belong,
all I hear is screaming where there once were songs.
I got my brothers there fighting those wars, 
fighting over scraps and scraping their souls.
Under a blanket of a fire and pride
that can't keep us warm for the cold inside, 
inside, I'm saying

Running through the fire, running through the flame,
running through the hatred, pushing through the blame,
running through the hopelessness and shame, 
revolution already underway.

So tell me when you think we're gonna rise
Wake from this slumber wipe the tears from our eyes?
Yes from this nightmare yes I must now wake,
open my fist my destiny I take !
Good people sick and tired of being pushed around, 
we call them kings but I see no crown. 
Tell me when you think we'll just stand up, 
say enough is enough is enoughenough I'm saying

Running through the fire, running through the flame,
running through the hatred, pushing through the blame,
running through the hopelessness and shame, 
revolution already underway.

Take back your feet, take back your hands.
Take back your words, take back your lands.
Take back your heart, take back your pride.
Don't got to run, don't got to hide.

Day 2 : "You are what you eat"

As the second day is officially over in 5 minutes(not that counting minutes will even be necessary), It's time for me to summary what has happened. I just finished watching a documentary called "Food matters" and i would definitely advise it to every one. It also gave me even better motivation for doing this and in order to now understand what may really drive people into eating more vegetarian-vegan food. It's only the second day of my "diet", but I already feel that it's leading to something bigger and better. I might sound like a person who's been brainwashed, but after you've watched the documentary and actually seen that it is not difficult to adapt that lifestyle, your own view may change as well. I'm not trying to convert anyone, but I find it important to tell people to actually watch what they eat. Even little changes make a difference and make you feel a lot better. I can't yet entirely say that I'm feeling a difference, because, as I've already mentioned, it is only the second day and I would say that my earlier eating habits were relatively healthy. Eating the right things is just something I've been taught unconsciously from my childhood. Don't misinterpret it, because neither of my parents are complete vegetarians or vegans, but just that I grew up in a small town where it was natural to just go and pick strawberries from your back yard and even after moving to Tallinn, it never crossed my mind to not eat seasonal food. So overall, even though I haven't paid any significant attention to what I'm eating, the "right" things have always been there available for me. So maybe that's part of why it hasn't turned out as difficult as I expected. Two days is absolutely insignificant though, so I shouldn't put my hopes up that it will continue this way, but my general view is now positive. Having a vegan-diet is of course an extreme form of vegetarianism, so even though excluding all dairy-products hasn't offered me a huge challenge so far, it will still affect me, even if it's going to last only for a week. This is still a change that I need to adapt to, but after watching the movie I see the necessity of eating more nutrient-rich foods and avoid processed food. 
Otherwise, today is Friday which means the weekend is coming and I can finally relax. Deadlines seem further, as I can manage my time and I can now go and try out that vegan restaurant :) Trying out a vegan-diet hasn't stopped me from anything, I still went to gym today, ate breakfast, lunch(THAT tomato soup, NJOMM) and dinner and I haven't found it hard to resist animal-foods. Why would I? I can get everything I need...
So tomorrow I'll hopefully post you some photos of the delicious vegan-burgers.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Trying out vegan diet for a week. My motives, introduction and Day 1

This post will be a little different from the previous ones. I should rather say that the next 7 posts will be concentrating on a challenge I've decided to take. I have no idea where the idea exactly came from, but I've always been interested in vegetarianism and veganism. Although I'm not a vegan or not even a vegetarian I understand their motives and value their commitment highly. Therefore I hope no-one misinterprets my aim in this challenge and understands that it's all about my personal interest.
So the challenge I've taken is to try out their lifestyle, precisely veganism, for a week. Many may say that this limited time will not give me an good idea of veganism. At this point, I must say that this is not my intention. I know what veganism is and I've done plenty of research on their nutrition, I've even ordered some vegan chocolate, sweets and sausages(!!). My aim is not to get what veganism is, but to understand how determined they must be and to see what obstacles come on the way. I do know that one week is not comparable to actually experiencing it but it will give me a glimpse of the pros and cons of being a vegan, without entirely excluding the moral benefits. During this week, my blog is transformed into a informal diary where I'll note down how it has affected me so far.  I've talked to vegetarians and vegans, who have given me an idea of what I can expect. I also want to thank them for the help and support. I also feel the need to note that I hope my other friends will not judge, tempt or talk about it too much, as you can follow it all here and I appreciate your understanding. 
 I agree that one week may not be enough to affect my social life too much, for example going to eat out with friends and having to say no to basically everything. I also have know that I can not label it as being a full-vegan-for-a-week, as veganism also includes more than just abstaining from animal-based foods. At this point, I'd like to go on to my first day as trying out vegan diet for a week. 

Day 1

I can confidently say that I'm as prepared as I can possibly be, excluding some natural draw backs such as finding out that my chocolate will not arrive until the end of the month..... Which means basically that  I will abstain from chocolate among other things. How awful as it may sound, it's not gonna make a huge difference. I've had a week without any added sugar or sweet products, and the benefits of it were undescribable. To make it short and not to concentrate on my previous weird challenge, I will just say that as my blood sugar was normal without extra sugar, it was quite enjoyable. 
However my preparation for the week didn't consist of only ordering chocolate. I went to a local supermarket just 15 minutes away with my vegetarian friend(you are incredibly precious, Marci!!), who helped me buy food for the next days without any unconscious mistakes. I'm now stocked with vegan bread, various salads, smoothies and fruits, which will help me get through the next days. We are also planning to go to a vegan restaurant this weekend which already sounds to be delicious!
So I'd say there weren't many draw backs today and I coped well. I also discovered that it's even possible to buy some vegan snacks from school. It is indeed limited, but I'm happy that there's any at all. A few smoothies can actually fill you up very quickly after school and you have more free time during lunch as you don't need to queue for any food and can easily prepare it at home. I'm still a bit worried about the limitations I have, as it's not very varied, but I do my best to maintain my determination. The tomato soup I had for lunch was perfect and as you can imagine, I still find it incredibly delicious. I'm glad I discovered it and am able to now keep buying it even after my vegan-week will end. So even though I can't join others at the cookies time(a break time after school, where you can get tea, coffee and biscuits) and have to watch them drink their Latte and eat freely, there's nothing tempting about it. 
So I'll finish it today and provide you with more information tomorrow. One day as a vegan hasn't changed my sleeping habits and I still need my at least 8-hour beauty sleep(figuratively speaking).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

carrot cake ja random talk.

Sorry to my English readers, I feel like writing in Estonian today, hopefully you´ll be able to read the next one :D

Ma ei tea enam midagi. Või pigem tean kõike? Ma olen hetkel nii positiivset energiat täis, et ma ei teagi kas siia blogisse kirjutamine on kõige parem idee. Olen viimaste nädalate jooksul nii palju teinud ja õppinud ja näinud, et ei oskagi kuskilt alustada. No kohe tõesti ei oska alustada. Võib kohe öelda, et mul on nii palju eri huvisid tekkinud, et ma ei oska isegi neid oma peas organiseerida. Enam pole aega ega ka tahtmist niisama aega surnuks lüüa ja ajaviiteks filmi vaadata või üldse midagi mitte-kasulikku teha. Arvatavasti on see ainult ajutine(??), sest praegusel hetkel on mul kõik päris hästi paigas-magan normaalselt ja aeg on hästi kindlalt ära planeeritud ja koppa pole miski veel ette visanud. Kindlasti on oma osa ka sellel, et mul on päris palju tunde ära jäänud ja kõik tunnitööd saadetakse meilile, ehk olen saanud normaalselt hommikuti lebotada ja hiljem kõik töö organiseeritud järjekorras ära teha. Olen ka avastanud, kui tähtis on ikka õppida seda mis sulle meeldib. Kui mulle ajalugu suuresti huvi ei pakuks, oleks kohutavalt raske nii suurt uurimustööd teha. Mu laud on täis raamatuid Alexander II ja tema reformidest ning teatud teemal uurimine võib päris huvitav olla. Kurb on ainult see, et liigne agarus on ogarus. Sel ajal kui mina raamatuid laenutasin ja kõik kohad mida kasutan üles märkisin, saatis õpetaja meili, et homne tund on meil re-searchi tund mille veedame raamatukogus kus ta meile aega annab seda teha. Eks ma siis alustan oma essee kirjutamisega ning tassin kõik raamatud kaasa..
Koolitööd on küll palju, bioloogia tunde mul see nädal praktiliselt polnud, ehk kõik töölehed tuleb kodus iseseisvalt ära täita ja õppida. Samas läheb kõik kiiremini kui tunnis..
Üleeile särasin ka päeva lõpus, kui matemaatikas lõpuks ühe õige vastuse sain ning just enne tööd teemast aru sain. Helen ei mõistnud ka mis mul juhtus, sest isegi majakoosolekul olin üle-entusiastlik, mida tavaliselt ei juhtu meile ilmselgetel põhjustel. Need on lihtsalt kõige igavamad ja aeglasemad "koosolekud" üldse, mis lihtsalt lühendavad su une aega... Aga samas ma polnud ammu matemaatikast aru saanud, niiet matemaatika-frustratsiooni õhtutele oli see meeldivaks kontrastiks. See küll kaua ei kastnud, sest juba täna võtsime uue teema, kuid oh well... naudime hetke kui teema veel keeruliseks pole aetud.
Tänane päev ongi möödunud bioloogia-ajaloo-hispaania keele saatel. Tunde oli vaid kaks ja ülejäänud päeva ma sõna otseses mõttes õppisin. Mis polnud ebameeldiv, nagu Eestis see sunnitud "oh well, pean tuupima ja üritama, läheks hoopis vaataks mis külmpakis on või teeks midagi paremat". Nagu ma ütlesin, sulle peavad tõesti need ained huvi pakkuma mida sa õpid. Ei saa küll nüüd väita, et hispaania keele õppimine väga huvitav oli-keel nagu keel ikka-teatud asjad peab lihtsalt pähe õppima, ükskõik kui kerge see keel ka ei tunduks(eriti võrreldes vene keelega, uuuuuuuh). Päeva lõpuks(ehk praeguseks hetkeks) olen aga kaks lehte sõnavara selgeks saanud ning tänan siiani jumalat(naljakas, et ma seda väljendit veel kasutan.. nimetan ennast ju ateistiks siiski), et mind õpetajaga õnnistatud on. Täna kohtusin esimest korda teist hispaania keele õpetajat ning vaid tund aega temaga ühes klassiruumis viibimist viis mind nii kohutavalt endast välja. Ma veel pidasin ennast tähenärijaks.... Ma olen vabsje meeldiv ja sümpaatne inimloom temaga võrreldes. Pole ime, et kõik tema õpilased koguaeg pinges on. Minu toakaaslane on ehtne näide, kes peab teda pidevalt kannatama...
Mul on peas hetkel nii palju erinevaid mõtteid millest kõigest ma kirjutada tahaksin..... nii palju toimub ja ma tunnen ennast praegu väga ebaorganiseeritult seda kirjutades. Veidike irooniline, sest oma tegevustes olen sunnitud ennast hästi organiseerima. Kontrollima.
Esmaspäeviti käin pärast kooli vanadekodus ning seal kohtab nii tohutult palju erinevaid inimesi. Kõik on samas vanuses, kuid vahel lausa ehmatab kui erinevad võivad inimesed vanuses 85-95 olla. Mõne mälu paneb päris kurvastama. Ükspäev veetsin tund aega ühe 95-aastase naisega vesteldes, kes iga 15 minuti tagant kordas kõiki oma küsimusi. Samas see esmaspäev oli väga motiveeriv. Nimelt rääkisin samas vanuses naisega, kes oli väga optimistlik. Mitte üle optimistlik, aga sain temaga isegi maailmaasju arutada. (kõlab nerdilt, aga mis teha :D ) Mäletas oma noorpõlve hästi ning seletas pikalt ja laialt kuidas püramiidid Egiptuses on tänapäeval turistide poolt ära leierdatud ja rikutud. Kui tema seal aasta veetis oli koht teistsugune ja salapärasem.Samuti meenutas ta oma vanemaid väga helgelt(käib neil siiani iga nädal külas, mis oli päris ehmatav lause, aga meeldejääv :D ).
Huvitav on kuulata ning analüüsida mis inimestele elust meelde on jäänud. Kõik mis meile praegusel hetkel tundus väga tähtis, ei oma pikas perspektiivis mingit tähendust.
- Ühesõnaga see vanadekodus käimine on mulle päris suurt mõju avaldanud, minu maailmapilti avaranud ja pannud mõistma mida tuleks rohkem hinnata oma elu juures.
Samas on mul igapäev tohutult erineviad activiteid(üritusi), et kui ma igast ühest hakkaksin teile praegu kirjutama, oleksin ma siin hommikuni. Ehk järgmine nädal kui jooksmast(jooksmisklubi) tagasi tulen, nurisen teile kui raske ja hea see ühekorraga on. Praeguseks aga lõpetan vabandusega oma kallite sõprade ees, kelelga pole jõudnud skypeda. Nädalavahetusel leian kindlasti aega, et end kõige toimuvaga kurssi viia :)

Nüüd aga kuulake mu viimase aja muusikat ja ärge ära ehmuge, sest ma pole eriline OneDirectioni fänn, aga see cover mis on ühe klaveri peal tehtud on hämmastavalt hea.

njomnjom, sööge ikka carrot cakei ja järgmise korrani!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

So I had to write a poem for English and after struggling a bit, I´m quite pleased with the outcome and decided to publish it. Here. Not officially publish it-just mentioning- but just show you all how much I love chocolate. As I was informed that it was an International Chocolate day on Thursday.

Ode to Chocolate.

Whenever I set my eyes on You,
I know there’ll be nothing left but few,
You grab my attention from a distance,
I do not need any assistance,
My head will start to spin around
Even when your price is hardly a pound

I can feel how I’m starving,
I only want to unwrap you, my darling.
Even when I know there’s no real need,
I still feel the urge to eat you, indeed.
You are the best consolation
You are the only salvation

Incredible, HOW DELICIOUS!!!
Although I become slightly suspicious,
Crowds around me might want a piece,
My blood pressure has now increased.
I start to run,
The real race has now begun ,
I’ve managed to find a place alone,
Which is luckily completely unknown.
You’re finally all mine,
I’ll enjoy you with a glass of wine.