Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today was a perfect day. It was one of those days, where everything went just right. It really was a nice day, with the best ending ever! I just got a letter from vice-principal, saying that i can share a room with Helen next year!!!! This was so unlikely and my happinness and relief is just unexplainable. Everything will be so much easier and I absolutely love sharing a room with her! Its just perfect! And today was just incredibly nice. The weather. Strawberrys. Blenheim palace. And of course i should mention my very best Mother, as it was also Mothers day.
I think that whenever i feel down, i should remember that there are always those nice days to look forward to. They come suddenly and make you feel so much better. It was a great change, as I've been feeling quite bad for the past weeks, so it just helped me so much. Thank you Isi!!!!! And thank you St. Clares for putting a perfect ending to my day!!! And thank you mom .... for just always being there for me, no matter how far I actually am!!!! And thank you everyone else, who i havent talked to for a while, im still thankful that i have you all!!! And i also want to thank you, the anonymous stranger(or simply stalker), reading my blog every once in a while.

Pictures following soon. PREVIEW:

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