Monday, February 27, 2012

Advice for everyone who's having exams.

What do do when you are having exams?
1.    Probably the best idea is to go to Barcelona for the weekend before. Even better idea would be a week before. Bring all your books with you and DO NOT open them. Well you can open them, but as you have  had only 3 hour sleep last night, then you fall asleep after reading a few pages. But sure give it a try..
Walk around the city for hours, do a lot of sightseeing, eat frozen yoghurt and run up and down the stairs, because the elevator is too mainstream.  Drink Sagrina and eat some more frozen yoghurt, paella and tiramisu cupcakes. Go to Gaudi's house and make a promise to move to Barcelona one day. Pretend that you understand Spanish(or pretend not to know people who try to speak it....HINT HINT) and start to laugh everytime you hear someone say "me gusta". Enjoy Barcelona and don't you dare to open your books!! Oh... and look forward for the fountain show. If you know what I mean ;)

2.     The night before the exams, spend 2 hours doing maths and 3 hours skypeing. When you are getting ready to go to sleep, don't put your phone on silent. You do not want to miss an important call that a friend of yours is going to make. They are very considerate by calling you half past eleven when you are JUST ABOUT to fall asleep. After that extremely important 3-word phone-call spend about half an hour lying in bed and thinking philosophical thoughts. Here are some great ideas!!: doesn't expecting the unexpected, make the unexpected become expected? Why do we avoid the risks in life, just to make it safely to death? If a person with multiple personalities considers a suicide, is it considered as a hostage situation? and in the end the meaning of life. If those aren't enoguh for the night before, google some more :))) Or 9gag some more.

3.    Start the morning with a sweet snooze! 5 more minutes…. 5 more minutes. And finally if you have enjoyed that half an hour extra sleep, be prepared for a fast wake up and going through notes once again. Not that you understand anything at that point, but staring at them will make you feel safer.

4.    At breakfast, sit to the table with people who are most nervous. As you are the most relaxed and calm person, then what harm can it do? Other people making you nervous? NO WAY. People constantly asking if you are afraid too and whether the exam is going to be harder and if blablabla(insert the most difficuly mathematical term you can come up to) is going to be in the test. As you are already sitting there, the least you can do is just listen to their fuss and find out something new. #ok, so everyone who reads this, then it wasn’t actually that bad, I’d sit with the same people if I’d get the chance. You are the best J #

5.     When you’re by any chance having environmental systems exam, FORGET TO TAKE YOUR CALCULATOR!!! Don’t bring it to the exam. Or if you bring it, forget it in your bag, so if you discover in the middle of the exam that you can’t do 2 exercises, the teachers don’t let you go and fetch it. Also be prepared to turn on your maths mode and start calculating with large numbers FAST. Oh, and here I’d like to thank my old maths teacher, who made me calculate without a calculator a lot. God bless you! (even though im an atheist..) No, seriously, compared to the teacher I have now, you left no homework and the lessons passed by fast and I understood everything J So everyone in Audentes who are complaining, she really is the best maths teacher. But I assure you that you do have a reason to complain about kick-ass :D

6.    Last, but not least. In between the exams, when you have an hour to revise, use it wisely and write a blog. Although you finish the post two weeks later, still go ahead and spend those hours writing.

And in the end, the smart kid isn't the one that gets an A after studying hard, the smart one is the one getting a C after not studying at all :))))

Btw. My exams went relatively well, mostly better than I expected.

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