Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Got to love wednesdays. Seriously, there's been so much happening that i have no idea where to start. Winning national juniour league with Kristelle, Chloe and Evie? Beating the 60th player in England? Discovering that she looks EXACTLY like a female version of Snape. Cool people, who play table tennis, and YES, they CAN be cool ( yes Lewis, thats the part where i mention you) .
Having the coolest movie night with my new roommate Helen(who turns out to be the sweetest and coolest person)? Discovering that our room is now hunted(a mysterious voice that keeps tapping)? Starting to hate western world and how we try to intervene EVERYWHERE? How controversial it actually is and how nothing is simple in this life and how with every reasearch i find out how freakingly complicated everything is? How Estonian education seriously lacks of history and the overall knowledge of the world? Discovering how i really need a good sleep at night in order to function properly? How Iva had a B'Day and Thomas really made a cake and we ate it in Kicki's class?  Oh, and making it to semi-finals in Divisional championships, which is going to take place on Friday?
Well there is so much going on, and when I finally do get time, I want to just concentrate on putting my thoughts down. On a meanwhile I'll just continue enjoying life in England..and Skype :D :D: Because half of me is on Skype. And im actually waiting for the holidays SO BADLY. Just to sleeeep and meet everyone in Estonia, who i havent seen for ages.

Just because we dont have a proper photo together :D

Vabandan, et ma eesti keele üldse kirjutada ei jõua, mu eesti keele tase on nii kohutavalt langenud, et ma pean lihtsalt pikemalt mõtlema, et midagi kokku panna.


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