Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'm always amazed about how good sports  can make you feel. You come back from a training and your mind is suddenly fresh, worries are gone and the all the stress that has been gathering throughout the day, is now gone. Everything may not be solved, but at least you feel so much better. Today i just forced my self to go and play for an hour and I'm so happy that i did so. Even though the day was great, I still felt like something was missing...i had to just get rid of that dizzy, grumpy feeling. And why do i even complain? I'll be home in three days, i can sleep as long as i want to, go out with my friends, dine with my family. Generally i should have NOTHING to worry about. But as everyone, sometimes you just need a time out. But i know that this time going home will be different. Not certainly the going part, which i'm afraid will still be accompanied by the flow of tears, but coming back part. The first time when i come back and Anna will not be here to pick me up for breakfast, cheer me up, go to oxford union, or any other possible thing. She's so essentially important to me and well even though she will not be gone( just one more friend to skype with..and she's coming to Estonia this summer!!), it's so hard to let her go. Anyway, need to think positive as always. Tomorrow we are going to bake a cake for the last English class!! FINALLY, i get to do some cooking again!! I have so many different dishes planned for the two weeks of Easter holiday, not sure tho if i'll have time for doing everything. Although....i know some people(hint-hint) who would praise me if i'd stay in the kitchen the whole time.
So tomorrow we are going to invade Thomas's home, and hopefully the house will be in a "ok" condition when we leave. Here are some photos of today's English trip to....... THE CITY CENTRE!! how exciting right... but considering the fact that it's been nearly 20 degrees outside, it's been wonderful!!!! And our English classes... there are not enough words to describe how coooool it is!!

Port meadow :)

 So much about keeping up with Rory :D
 not only because of Katharina, but..... Yegor making his way to get the spotlight.

 There he goes again... :D:D:D

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