Saturday, December 31, 2011

So it's half past 6 in the morning and i'm trying as hard as i can to fall asleep, but well obviously i failed that part so i took my gorgeous phone to write you a short message. Well i would love to make it longer, because i have so much to say, but it's quite uncomfortable to write in a phone. Also i prefer not to open my lap-top cause... Then im completely awake. I suppose some of you are wondering what the hell is wrong with me, waking up so early. The thing is that im still in 'singapores time' , so im veery sleepy in the evenings and wake up early in the morning. Ive been forceing myself to sleep for 3 hours already. Thats not a good sign considering the fact that its new years eve today and i REALLY need tonstay awake the whole night, becausw ita going to be the best one ever. Its a pity that supermarkets open at 9, otherwise i would go and by the special chocolate i need for my cookies, and start cooking them. Unfortunately im spending my time writing in my blog.. Which takes alot of time( well.. As i mentioned, its my phone im writing from). But as im too lazy to get up and ive been eanting to write here since i came back from Singapore, then i rather write. Though it wasnt my intension to write about me, trying to sleep or wanting to make cookies. And sorry for my English also, it is pretty bad when you just woke up and are writing from your phone.( lets forget that ive been up for a while..) That also reminds me that i have moved on to another stage, i now apparently sleep-talk in English.. Yes, my mom was quite shocked when i asked her something in english while i was asleep. And then ofcourse continued with words in estonian which made absolutely no sense as usual. That sleeptalk thing is creepy actually, i cant stop thinking that if i talk so much in my sleep then i might tell something important or mention something that a person, who is hearing, shouldnt know.
Haaa, so annoying, here i am, talking about sleeping, even though i planned to write something entirely different. Buy i guess ill have time at one point. Anyway i better try to get some more sleep for another hour, then fail and and spend a good last day of 2011 and have an awesome new years eve. This year has been amazing and I have to thank all my precious friends for that. To make it short(im going to make a longer post about. I've met so many great people from all around the world, but ive also had the best time with my Estonian friends. And as i wanted to make it short, im just going to wish you all the best new years eve and see you in 2012!!!

With LOVE,

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