Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Im getting a panic attack. Im developing a phobia. All of my hostfamily is sleeping and I cant wake them up. First it was just one in the corner. I though its some dust and therefore im gonna see if I can clean the room tomorrow. It was a spider. A small one. I wasn’t sure what to do, I wanted to just take it out and let it have a nice life. I went to the bathroom. Got some paper and the next moment I was smashing the spider. I got up looked around to make sure there aren’t anymore and….. no…. no…nonononooooooo. The small corner next to my bed has two small ones. I was breathing faster, smashed those as well. Got up to take some more paper, because more and more webs became visible. I didnt know what to do, the room is full of spiders. I still don't. The only thing I remember is the stupid thing I was told that everyone eats a few spiders in their lives while they are sleeping. However, in this room…… just think if they've been here the whole week and I was too blind to notice…… wow wow.. Anyway I got up to get more pape, breathing heavily and suddenly the light from the bathroom shows me the wall next to kitchen and

I got an idea!!!! Omg ! how didn't I think of it before. ! I have my mosquito protection!!!! I’ll just give them a shower of that poison! Wait for a moment
Ok. They aren’t moving. Though they weren’t moving before either. Why didn't anyone warn me that spiders are so common in costa rica!?
Ok. So where was I ? YES! The small corridor that leads to the kitchen had THREE SPIDERS!!!!. That's when I started panicking…. So I tell my family that there are spiders.. What if they answer “ so what? “ spiders are normal. Yes they are and the yare very silent but I don't like those bastards living with me . Sorry for the harsh expression, but especially in my room!!! And I don't understand my roomwas so clean before I left for the weekend. Do spiders make webs into clean rooms? Are spiders awake during the night or don they move a lot  ? I read this nice artickle about spider webs…..how they are very strong and all the different benefits and…… well that doesn't matter, I hate when spiders are small and they can crawl everywhere. Today is gonna be a sleepless night. I cant wake the family I cant.
The spiders which I sprayed with the mosquito protection have moved. No no no . pleaaase dontttt, I thought it injured them the least. Im even afraid to look around so I prefer to write it down and distract myself. If I notice anymore spiders besides the one high up next to the door, one next to the place where my pillow has been for a week… Im freaking. Its going to be a sleepless night. Did I already mention that? I already sent my best friend a video of me panicking and showing the spiders. Haaaah, I don't want to develop a phobia. I cant stand them.Not at all.
Its the most horrible blog post ever .and i wanted to show photos of my weekend and talk about how adventureous that was.. now think about living in a room with spiders that might be poisonous because this is central america. 
So there is minimum 3 spiders in the room at the moment. And me. I hope they are not poisonous.. very small ones cant be poisonous, right!? And wowwww, I hope they haven’t been there the whole time. How can I be so blind !?

It moved. The one I sprayed with the mosquito one got angry or something. Haaaa I feel like a real stupid blonde whos afraid of spiders.  But its costa rica. There are many. And I don't want to get paralysed and it moved. The spider moved. Its coming down. I think it doesn't move as fast as black mamas or very poisonous ones…… and if its poisonous I hope I didn't irritate it too much with the spray… all the others are sitting quietly. I wonder If I turn off the light, are they gonnna move around more ?

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