Tuesday, July 9, 2013

So I would love to talk about the amazing trip to the Samara beach that took place this weekend, but I just came back from zumba and YES, apart from being a bit tired, I just have this experience more freshly in my memory. My trip to Samara has to wait a few hours because the photos are loading and those are really needed in order for you to understand how beautiful the beaches in Costa Rica are. Meanwhile, I’m going to fuel your appetite by taking about my zumba class. My hostbrother or niece or whoever he is, said that he and his dad are going for the class and if I wanted to join, then it would be a lot of fun. I had just heard that zumba in Costa Rica is completely crazy with all the hip shaking and therefore I….. didn’t wait long to say YES. Apparently the guy who is giving the lessons is “muy guapo” and from Brazil and therefore the room will be full of many admiring girls. I wasn't very surprised to see a lot of girls at zumba, because it still is a dancing class and there are never guys there. This is why  I was confused to see so many guys there as well. All age groups were presented and although the guys weren’t dancing as well as yesterday evening at the beach( like wow… even my hips don't move as much),  they were so eager to learn and dance. In the beginning it was quite easy. I was pleasantly surprised that there isn’t a lot of hip movement and I can actually stay in the rhythm. BUT THEN. They shouldn't call it zumba. It’s some sort of shake-that-ass-for-me Latin American dance lesson. I swear those people are born to dance or they have different hips or genes or whatever because the shakey part comes soooo easy for them. Even the guys were so natural. Luckily my zumba lessons in St. Clares came in handy and I was too much off the rhythm. However, the funniest part was when I was running a few km after the lesson and a random guy outside took a photo of me. Halllooo, haven’t seen a blonde before or haven’t seen a blonde who’s skin colour is a beautiful rich RED. Yep, only a bit because of the sunburn, but mainly because of the training. Well, I just started laughing and couldn't believe that something like this is so spectacular that a photo would be needed. No body has ever taken a photo of me in the gym and if anyone would ask me, I wouldn't give the permission either, it’s a place to look ugly. Which equals a place for no fotos por favor :D
Oh well, thank you for the compliment. I might as well post some photos of Friday. I got the chance to teach some children table tennis without a proper table, but they still liked it and were very eager to try out different games with me. I will go to sleep early today and write about the adventure that started in the evening , tomorrow  J
Pura Vida , mi amores.

He was holding the pat wrongly, but at least he is happy :)

 The group I had to teach table tennis to and play different games with. All of the games exist in Estonia as well. I was so surprised to find out that the games I used to play when I was a child are just as popular in Costa Rica. It seems as if songs and games are at least a bit universal.
One of the nicest local volunteers had a birthday. She´s going to do the bungee jump at the same place where I´m going to do it this weekend. Birthday cakes in Costa Rica are quite the same as all over the world, with a difference of one caramel layer. However as I found out, it´s not caramel, but it completely tastes like one -.-


A  small sneak peak for the next post ;) ;)

 I leave the best ones for tomorrow ;) ( or for the evening, considering the time difference)

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